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An Introduction to RAID Data Recovery

Including detailed information about exactly how to utilize RAID recovery techniques used by the major data recovery companies.

Detailed RAID Recovery Information and Techniques?

RAID Data Recovery Network RAID Data Recovery is a growing niche industry, and there is very little information out there about it. You can find plenty of detailed information about what a RAID is and how it works, but almost nothing about RAID data recovery techniques. Hence the purpose of this site! This guide contains detailed information about how to recover RAID arrays after they fail. We must point out, however, that if critical information exists on your failed disk array, you are much more likely to see your data again if you use an experienced lab; one that deals with RAID cases each and every day. Like it or not, you are a beginner, and beginners make mistakes or miss critical clues about how to recover RAIDs. You could literally spend weeks trying to recover your array, and all to no avail.

Top Data Recovery Companies

If the RAID recovery "techniques and methods" information below is a little too complicated for you, we can recommend several companies based on our own experiences. If downtime is just costing you too much, it would be advisable to get a quote from one of the following companies:

Our #1 pick:

RAID Recovery by, Inc.

USA-based ESS Data Recovery ( offers a wide range of service levels from remote recovery to on-site services, with turnaround time from 0-72 hours, depending on your budget and needs. They can remotely recover data in several situations, including VMware ESX servers. These guys are the top experts when it comes to RAID recovery, with clients ranging from small schools to Lockheed Martin and NASA. If it is important, don't cut any corners -call them for a free consultation. They also offer extensive information about  RAID recovery on their web site:


Our #2 pick:

MjM Data Recovery Limited

UK-based Data Recovery services for hard disks, raid, memory cards, VM and tape. From all manufacturers of desktop, server and laptop computers. From internal and external hard disks, solid state devices and all other computer storage media. They offer a free diagnosis and a no recovery no fee policy on all standard services.


Our #3 pick:

Austrailia-based Data Recovery Services P/L is a full service data recovery company serving all of Australia and Asia Pacific. This organization was established in 1991 in the United Kingdom and in 1996 in Australia. They claim to be the oldest company in Australia devoted exclusively to recovering data, with more than 15 years of experience.


So what's the point of an expensive array if the need for RAID recovery isn't eliminated?

The point is that even if the need for RAID recovery cannot be totally eliminated, depending on the RAID solution you use, it can be greatly reduced. Moreover, RAID can offer redundancy and significant performance gains over single, non-arrayed hard drives.

With hard drives becoming increasingly affordable, and RAID controllers -- many of which are now being built into motherboards -- becoming increasingly available, RAID is more accessible than ever.

With this new accessibility however, it is becoming more and more important that we understand exactly how RAID works, how RAID levels differ, and how RAID data recovery is done.

New - RAID Hardware Vs RAID Software- What is your best option?

New - RAID Recovery Techniques and Methods Learn how the data recovery companies do it! Detailed information about how to recover RAID arrays.

If you are thinking of sending your hard drive out for repair you will need some important packaging instructions.

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